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How to score

Hi, Teachers and students.

By now, you should be ready for the exam.

Now, you have to sit for two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2.

The types of questions you have to answer are as follows:

Rounded Rectangle: PAPER 1 for SK & SJK (MCQ)   Section A: Vocabulary – 10 MCQ (10 marks)  Section B: Social expressions – 5 MCQ (5 marks)  Section C: Grammar – 10 MCQ (10 marks)  Section D:  Completing a text based on a picture – 5 MCQ (5 marks)  Section E: Reading comprehension based on a passage and a graph or chart – 10 MCQ  (10 marks)
Rounded Rectangle: PAPER 2 for SK & SJK (subjective)   Section A: Sentence construction based on a picture – 5 Q (10 marks)   Section B: Information Transfer – 1 Q  (15 marks)  Section C:  Writing paragraphs based on a set of pictures and words given – 1 Q   (15 marks)

TO SCORE, you must answer all the questions in Paper 1 and Paper 2.

How can you score in the exam?

To know how, read on.


PAPER 1 is an objective paper. It tests pupils’ knowledge on:

Rounded Rectangle: You will get 1 mark for every right answer.

Rounded Rectangle: So attempt each question. Don’t leave any question out.

Rounded Rectangle: Choose the BEST answer from the answers given (either A, B, C or A, B, C, D).  Make sure you shade the answer well for each question.


PAPER 1 is a subjective paper. It tests pupils’ writing skills.

Rounded Rectangle: Question 1

In this question you must construct sentences.

First, look at the picture carefully.

Then look at the words given. Then write your sentences.

Here is an example of a question, a pupil’s answer, and the marking.

Look at the picture carefully. Write five sentences about it. You may use the words in the boxes to help you.

Picture of a football match and many people watching the game






careless spelling mistake



capital letter, full stop

– left out

new word – good

1 There was a big corwd on the field.

2 it was an exciting match¢

wrong grammar

3 The two teams playing well.

wrong spelling

Good! Use of ‘and’ to show compound sentence.

4 Tema B scored 2 goals and team A scored a goal.

a good sentence

5 We cheered and clapped for Team A.

Marker’s Comments:

Careless punctuation – no capital letters, no full stops - minus 1 mark

Careless spelling mistake – minus 1 mark

Grammar – wrong tense – minus 1 mark

Marker’s Tips

1 Use ALL the words given to make sentences about the picture.

2 Do not change the tense of the words given. If the words end with

an -ed, keep the -ed.

3 Add new words to your sentences. This will make your sentences interesting.

4 Write long and short sentences (simple and compound sentences). Use ‘and’, but’, ‘because’ for the longer sentences.

5 You do not have to follow the order of the words given. Choose your own order.

6 Write clearly and neatly. You will lose marks if examiners cannot read your handwriting.

]Rounded Rectangle: Question 2

In this question you must complete a table and then write a paragraph.

First, look at the pictures carefully. Then look at the table given.

Complete the table with the correct information.

Here is an example of a question, a pupil’s answer, and the marking.

2 a Study the posters carefully. Then complete the table using the information given in the


Diamond Hotel

Port Dickson

Free sports facilities

Free trips to town

RM 95 per night – single room

RM 120 per night – double room

10% discount on room rates

Gold Hotel

Kuala Perlis

Free boat rides

Free gym facilities

RM 65 per night – single room

RM 90 per night – double room

15% discount for dinner

Emerald Hotel


Free boat facilities

Free swimming lessons

RM 95 per night – single room

RM 100 per night – double room

10% discount for meals

A Complete the table below based on the posters above.


Diamond Hotel

Gold Hotel

Emerald Hotel


Kuala Perlis

Price per night for a family

RM 120.00



Free sport facilities
Free gym facilites

Free boat facilities

Other features

Free trips to town


10% discount
15% discount for dinner

10% discount for meal

Information given

RM missing

Careless spelling mistakes

Table not complete

Information not complete

Marker’s Comments:

Careless spelling mistakes – 0 mark

Table not completed –0 mark

Information not complete – 0 mark

Marker’s Tips

1 First, read and understand the information in the notes about the 3 items given.

2 Transfer certain relevant information from the notes into the table.

Make sure you complete the 10 blanks.

3 Follow the clues given in the answers. e.g. if it is RM4.99, then write as RM ­­­­__.

4 Do not make any mistakes in spelling or punctuation. Even if your answer is partially correct, you will not get any mark.

5 Remember, you will only get 1 mark or 0 mark. There is no ½ mark.

6 Write clearly and neatly. Do not lose marks unnecessarily.

2b Your parents asked your opinion as to where the family should

spend their holidays. Which place would you choose?

Give reasons for your answer.

I would choose Melaka because it is not far from Kuala Lumpur.

The hotel is also not expensive. The family can stay in the double room.

It would only costy father RM 100 per night. Furthermore, there is also a

10% discoun on meals. So my father can saves more money.

The hotel also gives free swimming lessons. So we can all learn to swim.

in the morning or evening, we can go island hopping. The boat trips are


bonus marks

careless spelling mistakes

grammar mistake

careless punctuation mistakes

new interesting word. Bonus mark given.


careless punctuation mistakes

Marker’s Comments:

Careless spelling mistakes – will lose marks

Grammar mistakes – 0 mark

Careless punctuation – will lose marks

Marker’s Tips

1. Read the notes given and the information in the table.

2. Make a choice.

3. Give reasons for your choice. Use the given notes in the table in Q2A.

4. Use the clues given in the notes/ graphics.

5. Use word like ‘moreover, furthermore, besides, in addition to’ etc in


6. Use your own words to make your writing more interesting.

7. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Do not lose marks for


Rounded Rectangle: Question 3

In this question, you must write paragraphs on a set of pictures.

This is also called notes expansion.

This section tests your writing skills.

Read instructions carefully.

Study the pictures

– see what event, incident or process is being shown.

Look at the words given.

Follow the order of the words so that you do not leave out any word. Use ALL the words given.

Check the tense being used.

Do not change the tense or spelling.

Add in your own words and phrases.

You will get extra marks.

Write at least three sentences for each picture.

Write in a paragraph form.

Use a variety of sentences – long and short sentences.

Check your answer for grammar, spelling

or punctuation errors.

Write neatly and clearly.

Remember it is the QUALITY and not the length of your answer that is important.

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